Affiliate Disclosure

Like most things in life you get what you pay for. The best things in life are only free when it comes to such wonders as love (and I don’t mean dating and marriage), a perfect sunrise, precious memories, etc.

The best website development, technical infrastructure, bug bounties, optimization, and security aren’t free. Not only do I prefer to use some of the best, from my perspective professionally and personally, this site deserves nothing less.

However, domain names, specialist DNS, premium managed hosting, various operational, optimization, performance and security tools, as well as services such as privacy-focussed Fathom Analytics, which means I do not send your browsing data to Google , are not free.

However, I will cover the costs of running this website, 100%. It’s the least I can do to keep my sister’s memory alive.

The commercial links (technical infrastructure providers) listed below are affiliate links which means, at no extra cost to you, I may earn a commission if you click through and subsequently make a purchase.

Privacy-focussed website analyticsFathom Analytics
Premier WordPress forms pluginFormidable
Managed WordPress hostingKinsta
Managed WordPress updatesiThemes Sync
WordPress security iThemes Security Pro
more soon (just getting links set up)
James Bliss’ affiliate links above

Alternatively, if you’d like to help towards the continuation of this site another way, you can always Buy Me a Coffee – techies drink a lot of coffee and I drink a lot more than most techies (many coffee beans were sacrificed in the development of this site).