About This Site

This website is an online memorial to Fiona Houlston (née Bliss).

It has been developed, and is administered and maintained, by her brother, James Bliss.

You may be wondering about the domain name and the website’s title. To me, my sister was and will always be ‘Fiona Bliss’. All of her long-standing friends knew her as and still refer to her by her original family name. And, she never left being a part of our Bliss family, ever. Plus, I’m the owner and developer of the site, and, frankly, it’s the way I want it.
Don’t like it? Don’t read it.

I’ve launched this site much more quickly than I normally would any other website, there is still much to do and I will improve it. The site will change, possibly soon and probably over time, also.

I’ve made it in response to the wonderful comments on my blog post about Fiona from people who knew and loved my sister. I didn’t want that to end up being her online memorial, lost in my blog.

Thanks for reading,