Donations to Charities

I have discussed with our parents about giving to charities on Fiona’s behalf.

Fiona received a lot of help over the years, sometimes from some exceedingly well-funded medical facilities and other times woefully underfunded clinics and surgeries, etc. which, nevertheless, provided Fiona with the most excellent care.

Jointly, we’ll draw up a list and create a Just Giving page, all in good time.

We’ll provide full transparency on any donations received and the donations made to charities on Fiona’s (i.e. your) behalf. Naturally, we will respect the privacy of any donations made anonymously. We will not disclose any PII of any person who makes a donation. Any information you leave on the Just Giving site is your decision.

We’ll wait until after Fiona’s funeral, and of course, any donations anyone wishes to make in that respect.