A memory from a friend of Fi’s from nearly 50 years ago

I received the following recently:

I wanted to share a memory of Fiona with you.

The day we arrived at Bruggen, I got out of the car and two girls, a school year younger than me, were standing at our garden gate. They were Fiona and Samantha [redacted] (do you remember the [redacted]s? Fiona was good friends with Samantha and Samantha lived next door to me). Fiona and Samantha were my welcoming committee! I think they were 6 and I was 7 and they took me under their wing and showed me everything important to little girls at RAF Bruggen! The experience was so formative that at every RAF station we moved to after, I kind of expected two girls my age at the gate to show me round!

I think Fiona came to all my birthday parties and some cracking halloweens. I will ask my parents to see if they have any old photos.

A friend of my sister, who met in 1974.

Thank you.