Fiona was very special to many people, more than she truly comprehended.

During her life, and through no fault of her own, Fiona lost contact with many of her friends. I know that several continued to reach out to her despite often seemingly being ignored or even worse being pushed away. Over the years I know it frustrated and even angered some.

Many people knew some of Fiona’s issues, but few knew all that she faced, battled so hard, and endured for so long.

As my and Fiona’s Mum so eloquently puts it:

” To the world she was but one,
to us she was the only one.”

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Fiona 🙂

This page is open for comments. If you knew Fiona you’re able to pay your own respects, below, should you so wish. You can also read comments left on my blog , shortly after Fiona’s passing.

Thank you,

Fiona’s brother,


3 Replies to “Respects”

  1. Fi, I heard a poem today. It ends …

    But I know this,
    You were crucial to me all my life,
    You made the dark times more bearable
    the bright days brighter,
    You punctuated the years with warmth and colour,
    And knowing that you loved me with all my flaws
    I was strengthened and comforted.
    And after we have gone, wherever we are, whatever we shall be,
    I will come looking for you,
    And you come looking for me.


    Update: 8/14/2020: Credit: Pam Ayres and @pamayres – book/audiobook link to follow.

  2. James, i’m not sure if you remember me but I was at De Aston with Fiona. Talk about making an impact! I remember us all being in awe of this gorgeous girl that walked in from Lincoln. Not only was she utterly gorgeous she was always fantastic company as well. I can remember going to a six form party at Cinderella Rockefeller’s in Lincoln. She turned up in leather trousers with a matching leather jacket looking so incredibly trendy and making my brown corduroy skirt look slightly dull! Your sister and I got back in touch about eight years ago when she was unwell and in Lincoln hospital. We giggled over lost memories of school, who we fancied, teachers we couldn’t stand and how our lives had progressed since leaving school.
    Today on Facebook a notice came up asking if I wanted to connect to someone. We shared two friends. I was curious as I didn’t recognise the person so clicked to see which friends we shared. One of them was Fi! So I thought I would drop her a line, arrange a time to call and have a catch up….
    I can’t imagine how you are all coping or what a hardship these past years have been. Your sister made me giggle, her photo makes me smile. Much love to you all x

  3. I was so shocked to hear this news whilst visiting my mum in Scothern, I couldn’t believe it! Fiona and I went to William Farr together and we were friends and hung around in the same group! We lost touch & I think we met up again a couple of years after we’d left school!
    I used to cut her hair too!! Stayed over at your family home too.
    It’s incredibly sad & heartfelt wishes to you & your family!
    She was always bubbly, stylish and magnetic!!
    Debbi Cass

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